A success recognized - in 6 pages of Cruising World!

Hello everyone,

Just a quick pre-holiday check in to say one reason we are thankful this is year is you and the American Promise renewables project that 11th Hour Racing set the foundation for through a generous grant, Eclectic Energy helped along and Maine Yacht Center made a reality. 

In the end, we traveled over 890 miles during 8 weeks of operations without ever turning the generator on or hooking up to shore power! Previously, we would run the generator for 1-2 hours every morning and another 1-2 hours every night. Throughout this summer, people stopped us on the dock, rowed up in dinghies and emailed or posted on Facebook to tell us they loved what we had done, loved the way AmPro looked and wanted to know how everything worked!

We are thrilled with the results and excited to share them (which was always part of the plan). To that end, we are very happy to pass along the article in this month’s Cruising World that tells our story (all of it). Dave Powlison, the writer, did a great job capturing the experience of being onboard with us and we finally got some great photos of the boat under full sail. They gave us 6 pages, the headline on the cover and heaps of photos.

Out of respect for Cruising World, we are not going to put this on the web until they do or the edition is no longer available in stores - but we are encouraging everyone to grab a copy and have had lots of calls from excited friends of Rozalia Project who’ve seen the article. We couldn’t wait, however, to share it with you, the team who made it happen. We can say that American Promise is the greenest sailing research vessel in the world!

Thank you again. We hope you have a happy, delicious and fun Thanksgiving (in the US) and a good typical Thursday for those of you in the UK!

For a clean ocean,


Rachael Z. Miller
Co-Founder/Executive Director/Chief Ocean Lover
Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean