This is a mid 1970’s, solid glass hull.  A combination of age, hard ocean miles and the properties of early fiberglass resins caused skin fractures to develop at all transverse structural bulkheads. The result is poor quality cosmetic topside finish full of crazing and spider-web cracking at bulkhead locations.

Repair Procedure:

  • Map out all areas requiring repair. Using a gel-coat peeling tool which allows for thickness to be removed at high tolerances the gel coat was removed and then several layers of compromised fiberglass material were removed.
  • New fiberglass material was laminated in these areas to return hull laminate to original scantling.
  • Epoxy fairing compound was applied to these areas. These areas were then faired into hull surface using long boarding techniques.
  • The entire topsides were sanded. Given the extent of the hull repair, a high build fairing primer was applied by spray application to the entire topsides. The high build primer was faired first with long boards and then with sanders.
  • Epoxy finish primer was applied over the high build primer.
  • The epoxy finish primer was sanded and the final topcoat finish paint was applied.


The result is a long lasting, high gloss finish that is as fair and smooth as the day the boat originally came out of the mold. Check out the slideshow and videos below!